Reading like we do will be a leisure soon. Why?

Today we read A LOT, for leisure of course, but most of the time, because we have to: we have to read contracts, news, professional documents, email, etc.

I think that very soon, we'll stop reading as we do today.

Because we are lazy (more and more).
Because we want to go fast (more and more).

Because we're lazy, we'll listen and watch more and more.

Apps like Wibbitz transform any piece of news into video summaries. A voice read the news and images plus highlights appear on the screen. Ideal for low energy consumption news picking.
Apps like Newsbeat read news from hundreds of newspaper. Ideal for hands free news picking.

Because we want to go fast, faster and faster, 

We'll stop reading pages "speaking in our head" and moving eyes from left to right at 150/200 words per minute reading speed, we'll consume words lines at 500 words per minute. With apps like Spritz or Fastr pro, you'll be able to read faster ebooks or articles. You'll be obliged to focus the time you read, a very interesting brain exercice, very immersive. Test it:

If apps read content and display text on only one line, do we still need bigger and bigger screens? Not really.
I can read a book using Spritz technologies on a Google Glass, I can listen to Newsbeat with headphones connected to a Google glass.
Same thing for an iWatch.
I don't need big screens for that.