2014 trend: Collection points (or point relais) will become the central pillar of BtoC commerce

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People buy more and more online. Amazon annual income prove it.
People use more and more postal delivery. French post office break record of packs delivered by day: 2M.

I expect that door to door delivery will decrease. 
Too complex to scale for Postal Services. They'll increase its cost, like USPS will do in 2014.
Thus, it will become too expensive for brands to offer the new "norm" of ecommerce: free shipping, within 3 days.
Thus, it will become too expensive for consumers who require a free delivery within 3 days or less.
Thus, it will become normal to arbitrate between a free shipping, not to door and a door to door shipping.
Thus, it will become normal to not receive mail in a mailbox but to catch in a specific place.

I expert that collection points business will increase.
It will because outdated to check mailbox.
Mails et packages will be stored in a collection point.
People will go to that place 1 to 2 times a week.

I expert that collection points will become the next place to be!
Imagin a place poeple visit 1 or 2 times a week to check their mailbox, or take back their amazon.com purchase. If it's a cool place with cool places to do and buy, it may be a very central place in people's life.

I expert collection points will be like Agora of the Romanians. People will go there, have a good time, make purchases in store or on online devices in the point relais.
It will be a mix between Postal Services, a shop, a "salon" to chat, a cybercafé, etc.

Shops, postal services, bars will fusion because collection point will be the most visited place worldwide.

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