Republic definitely needs marketing

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In France, more and more groups express their opposition to taxes: "les pigeons" a group of entrepreneurs, "les bonnets rouges" a diverse group of people from a region: Brittany, "Front national" the most popular nationalist party, etc.
Gray economy is rising.
Today was the anniversary of the end of the World War I. A demonstration occurs during official commemoration led by the President. He was booed. Police arrested people.I think it's really sad.
And I think the failure of the current government is not really due to bad decisions, it's a communication failure.

How to make people believe in participatory democracy without decisions, just communication?

Promote & market the "motherland"
It's not natural to like France, to believe you're part of a nation, respect and love French flag, know the national anthem.
I saw a tombstone last day in Père Lachaise cemetery (famous in Patris). It was written on it: "Motherland" with the french flag just below. The tomb was 150 years old. It's impossible to see that today. Why? Because the only time when most people really feel French, it's when France has good results in sport.
Government must oblige young generations to follow civic education courses, maintain a light and pedagogical military service, put French flags everywhere in public administration, in the streets, write "Liberty Equality Fraternity" on Administration offices walls, public communications, send better singers to the Eurovision (joke), train any Administration officer like a representant of the state, modernize Administration.
You think it's too nationalist or too communist style? Maybe, but again, look US, look UK. Flags (+ royal family symbols for UK) are omnipresent. Our democracies are just a group of immigrants coming from everywhere, it's important to never stop marketing the motherland to create unicity. It worth testing it. France has a cool image, French is an open country and I'm sure most of people coming to France to work, study, survive, like this country and will be receptive to motherland marketing. They will be directly or indirectly by social pressure.

Let people know how democracy works and why it's just the best political organization ever.
Most people just ignore the way democracy works. Thus, they are very receptive to messages like "Pff politics are just lazy people, useless & incompetent.".
The government must be more pedagogical: instead of publishing laws and amendments and other laws etc., they should recall the whole process of taking decisions. Who has the idea, WHY they had that idea (using figures and examples) what are the objectives associated, how the idea will be validated, what may happen in the next step of the decision cycle, etc. Like a marketing director that have to convince its boss to give him more budget for Q4!


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