Google's hidden revolutions

Google made a few revolutions recently. Did you notice them?

First one:
Right in the Chrome landing page, you now have a Google search bar. Google take progressively control of its browser's users.

Second one:
In Chrome, the search URL disappear from the address bar.
After hiding "http", Google deleted the search address when you use Google and replace it by the a search bar with the words you search.
Yes, they delete the search bar from the webpage! You HAVE to use the "ex" address bar.

Third one:
When you search images, Google is now a real assistant. They help you to filter and target your search. It's very powerful. When you click on an image, you have images related to it. Again, it's powerful and works very well.

You can also search images by... images and it works very well.

I like a lot Google because like Apple, most of the revolutions they lead are detail oriented, nobody really see them. Journalists and geeks are entertained by Google glasses, Apple iWatch but revolutions are elsewhere.

Edit 12/8/13: a 4th one: Ads on Google SERP results are no longer yellow. They are white !!