Let's invent the "tasteful guarantee" label and revolution food industry

You buy food, or you wife do.
It's "fair trade", "gluten free", "organic", "from local farmers", "low footprint", "low carb", "diet", "sugar free", "halal", "casher", "vegetarian", made in France", AOC (France), "recyclable", "no OGM", "Dukan diet compliant", "costs 100 weight watchers points"...

What about taste?

Nothing rate it, classify it, analyze it... Isn't it the most important?
The most important to protect? to care of?
...but also to boost sales and differentiate and build stories on?
The one who create a great rating scale for taste and associated labels will be a billionaire... And revolution food industry.

But is it possible to rate taste!?
Com on! we can go to the moon, trigger rain, decode genome and make self driving cars so I'm sure it's possible.

Edit 7/12/13: The College de France recently launched a programme called Restaurant de qualité. They focus on giving recognition to restaurant that cook home made dishes and are fully transparent with their customers about the way they cook food. Quite a positive step! :)
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