I believed in Deezer & Spotify. Now I believe in MP3 in the cloud

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I love music.
I believed that steaming was a good thing.
It was cool: infinite discovery. unlimited listening, social sharing, collaborative playlists, high quality, easy to find and organize, music available everywhere, impossibility to lose it, etc.
I have changed my mind.

One big reason:
I'm fed up of "loosing" the right to listen to songs because Spotify or Deezer have lost the right to stream it.
It's just terrible when your favorite song is unavailable suddenly.

  • The Live in London concert in Birdy. Deezer do not allow me to stream it. 
  • Some Kavinsky songs.
  • Queens of the Stoneage last album.

You realize that these streamed songs are not yours, that you can lose it tomorrow.
You realize that your 10 dollars monthly subscription is the the right to use a platform to listen to songs, without any warranty on the available songs tomorrow, in a month or a year: Take it or leave it.

I prefer less songs and be sure that they are all mine, forever, than an infinity of songs with the fear of losing it tomorrow.

What I'll try: Google Music Play
It's my MP3, on the cloud.
It's the Dropbox of the MP3.
I'll start again to download MP3 and buy some.
Seems cool.
Stay tuned.

PS: I really advise Spotify and Deezer (yes I can do that even if they'll never read me) to think of developing Google Music Play, Amazon Cloud Player style solutions to complement their solutions.
Streaming is cool for discovery and for not demanding users but MP3 management and cloud hosting is important. The two solutions are fully complementary.

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