Google failed to monetize Google Reader so they closed it. Come on!

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Google explained that they decided to kill Google Reader because the solution did not became mainstream, failed to find its audience, do not get a real traction.

I don't believe it.
Google is made of smart guys.
Google business model is focused on ads.
Monetizing a media reader is easy.
Flipboard do it very well with ads and sponsored feeds.
Twitter do it very well with ads and sponsored trends, accounts, tweets.
Facebook do it very well with ads, sponsored stories, promoted posts and co.

So what?

I don't know.
Perhaps the RSS format is too difficult to track, is too "open", too difficult to control (Iranians regret it).
Feedburner, another Google product focused on RSS is in danger.
What I don't understand: Google Reader was a way to have great knowledge about what each and every Google Reader user like to read.
Was it too unstructured to be used by Google algorithm? 
I don't know.

What I hope:
A company creating a Google Reader clone.

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