Do you know Bundle "Real People, Real Money, Real Ratings" ?

"Real People, Real Money, Real Ratings We've crunched the numbers on how people are spending their money to show you your city in a whole new light."

I really like their pitch!

Let's digg into the concept:

"We believe this method of rating (combined with people's subjective opinions) allows us to make smarter decisions in the following ways:

  • Bundle ratings remove bias and false reviews because they're based on actual spending information. In essence, people are voting with their wallets. 
  • Bundle cuts through the noise and save you time. You will not have to sift through 55 reviews to see if a place is any good. 
  • Bundle strongly believes that you should have total price transparency, and we show you how much other people have spent at a business on average. 
  • Bundle recognizes that a particular business, no matter its ranking, may not be for everyone. For example, even though the overall rating of a restaurant may be 3 stars, it may be 5 stars for people 18-25 years old, and therefore just right for a college student or young adult."
Isn't it a great idea?
And finally, question you all ask, where does the data come from?

"You feature a lot of data on Bundle. Where does it come from?
With a team of experienced statisticians and data junkies, we've compiled, tagged and sorted data from a (still-expanding) collection of sources. Our data comes from the U.S. government, from anonymous and aggregated spending transactions, and from third party data providers. We are always looking for new data sources that could benefit people. If you know of any that our users may find helpful, feel free to share them on our site or send the data source to We're proud to make all of this information available to anyone who visits the site. It's a fundamental part of the Bundle philosophy that people can become more aware of their everyday spending and saving choices. And it's our way of leveling the playing field for people: companies have been paying millions of dollars for this kind of data for years in order to get you to buy more stuff. Now you can see it, too, and it won't cost you anything."