Trend: ubiquitous sport, running instead of walking

People take more and more care of their health.
People haven't enough time to go to the gym.
People haven't enough time to do what they want to and try optimize everything.
Using cars is becoming old fashioned.
Running is trendy.
Running without goals is boring.

These considerations make me think of a potential trend:
Running instead of walking.

The uber optimized life of people is incompatible with walking: it's just too slow.
Running to work, to the supermarket, to the bakery, is the perfect way to ally 0 footprint, health, speed without needing anything else than your own body (no bike, no rollerblade).
I don't say everybody will run at 12 km/h to work for 1h every day.
I rather think of a slow run, let's say 6 or 7 km/h, for 15 or 20 mins maximum.

The biggest limit: Women with skirts and hikes or mens with $300 italian shoes will not be able to do it. It requests some arrangements.

Related trend, highlighted by Techcrunch, walking instead of sitting at a desk :

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