Vine and Tout iOS apps, symbols of the end of the photo era... replaced by the video one

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Following previous posts in French "l'image fixe est elle morte ?", "au delà de l'image, mémoriser les sons", et  "Cinemagram, prémices de la photo de demain", here is a new one about the future of the photo or, my take on this future, the replacement of the photo by short video.

This time, I'll talk about Tout, an iOS app and Vine, another iOS app.

What is Tout?
Tout is a real-time information network for up-to-the-minute video updates across news, sports, politics, entertainment, or whatever moves you.

What is Vine?
Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see...
Vine videos last 6 seconds maximum.
Vine is a Twitter brand.

I'm persuaded that photo will soon become something rare, a niche activity for "experts", "passionate people", a bit like painting, sculpture, silent film or calligraphy. I've already details it on my previous posts on this topic. Photos don't render movement, have no sound. Boring isn't it?

I think short video will become the norm or communication.
And these two services are really good illustration of the actual trend. The first one bring you news in a minute, the other, 6 seconds scenes.

Use Vine a bit and then tell me:  Don't you think it's fascinating?
Just press screen for some seconds, change the angle of the film of the object filmed, repress the screen, and you get a little video, a little story will people moving, sounds, or things not moving is you just film a fix point, but with sound. It's brilliant, isn't it?

Use Tout and tell me: Would you use it every day?
Well, in my opinion, the interface is today a big ugly, content not really cool so it needs improvement but the 1 minute concept to get information. I bet on it! You ?

It's the future my firiends!
And photos, like silent film, the past...
Not convinced, check related posts

Edit march 2013: Galaxy S4 is setting the stage for the end of the photo era: "There are now 12 shooting modes to choose from like, "Drama Shot" that lets you see all your action in one continuous time-lapse. Another feature is "Sound & Shoot", which stores sound and voice together as the picture is taken so you can see photos just as they happen."

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