Full cloud, full offline, please apps developers, stop making choices!!!

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What is the common point between:

  • Readability, Pocket (two "read it later" apps),
  • Dropbox, GDrive, Box.net (three cloud hard drives),
  • Deezer, Spotify (two music streaming services),
  • Dailymotion (a video streaming service),
  • Reeder (an RSS reader),
  • Todo (an iOS todo management app),
  • Runkeeper (an iOS sport activity recorder),
  • Blogger (a blogging iOS app)

They have all understood!

They have understood that a full online or a full cloud content or service access is not the solution.

  • Our batteries are two weak to download data all the time.
  • Our networks are too weak to download data all the time.
  • Our mobile plans are too weak to download data all the time.

Content and services have to be available offline and replicated in the cloud.
Content and services have to be available in the cloud and replicated offline.

Three ways to do that:

  • BYOC: Bring your own cloud. Like Deezer, Runkeeper, Blogger or Pocket. They rely on their own cloud and they own app to propose offline and cloud access.
  • Lorel & Hardy: Like Reeder that leverage Google Reader feed (in the cloud) to display it offline on an app.
  • One cloud to rules them all: Like Todo. They don't have any cloud. They just connect with Dropbox to propose a real time saving of offline todolists in the cloud. It allows synch over apps (iPad and iPhone for ex.) and a transparent recording.

Edit: A little post from Google to showcase Offline Google slides.
"Any new presentations or changes you make will be automatically updated when you get back online. So you can continue polishing slides on your next flight, and head to your upcoming presentation without worrying about whether there's going to be wifi."
In the Cloud + Offline, brilliant with sync, brillant.
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