Anonymous - No weapons, they "only" master the code

Anonymous protest
Image by Ludovic Hirlimann via Flickr
Warner, Universal, RIAA,  Hadopi, FBI, websites are still down due to Anonymous actions after Megaupload closing... these guys killed these website in less than 1 hour, 1 day ago.

A month ago, I've read that Anonymous intimidate the most powerful gang of Mexico, los Zetas, (they just threaten them to spread files containing names of all the people working for them, a f***ing Excel spreadsheet) and they obtained what they want.

Well, these guys do not have weapons, they just master the code...
...but nowadays, the code is everywhere, it's a sort of 6th element.

I fianlly understand why Matrix film mean (ok i'm sure you get it before reading me...) : "The ones who master the code, the Matrix, master the world". I let you imagine who is Neo, Trinity & co. and who are the Agents.

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