4 hours workweek by Timothy Ferriss, my sum up in 3 points

Here is a little resume of 4h workweek, the bestseller of Timothy Ferris and a bible of Personal Development.
I focused on concepts more than the explanation of its business model (that I find a bit... naive)

The currency of the new rich is time and mobility. T Ferris.

Kill risks

  • Evaluate/simulate risk and solutions in case the worst happen is the better way to see that's the world would not collapse
  • Define your nightmare, the worst that could happen if you "do it". Rate propability it happens (note 1 to 10)
  • What recovery plan to get things under control ?
  • What are the possible good outcome ? Rate probability it happens (note 1 to 10)
  • Don't question the timing, it's never the right one

Be unseasonable

  • What to do if it's impossible to fail and you are smarter than rest of world?
  • And if you have 100M$ in a bank account?
  • Then determine the cost of the dream
  • Then determine 3 steps for each dream, the first to do the next three day
  • Not too much analysis (analysis = paralysis)

Focus on useful

  • Parkinson law: if you have 24h to do something, you'll make it in 24h. If you have 15 days, you'll make it in 15 days. We associate delay and complexity. 9am-5pm is outdated for most of jobs
  • Being efficient doing things not useful is... useless. Only focus on important things
  • Limit the delay to do important things to be more focused
  • Question to answer: If you have an heart attack and must work 2h per day what would you do?

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