Media love scary crisis

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First point, I've the impression that Media only deals about crisis negatively, trying to scare people. They maintain the recession trend, the deflation trend.
When I read my RSS feeds, I see ideas to change the world, I see people who explain how they keep going on during crisis, I see people who decide to change their habits of overconsuming, and see the crisis as an opportunity to change their way of life, our way of life.
Crisis make people change their vision of world, their vision of economy, and of consuming society.
In several countries or regions, people go on strike, they manifest, they doesn't want to play the game of capitalist system, they stop consuming and they stop being money focused. Why nobody put it in the first plan in generalist media. It's exciting, it interests people ?!
I think they are not interest in way of life and economic system change, and they don't want to see people interested in. Media belongs to big industrial companies, which are "friends" of the government and ...which love the actual system.

Second point. In France, generalist TV channels & newspaper simplify government action to make it a bit scandalous.
They say government has given millions of euros to banks, and in the same time, announce bank mega profits. Generalist media explains car manufacturer were given millions of euros and that they fire thousands of pepole.
Nobody, in generalist newspapers and TV channels explain that money is not given, it's loaned, with a quite high interet rate !
Crisis is an easy subject to write on for newspapers, easy and a very attractive subject for scared readers.  Why complicate it to make it more precise, and make it less sexy and less understandable for readers ? That's what I think they think.

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