Manufacturing consent : Democracy surgery (must be seen) by Noam Chomsky

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Wow. I've ever read Noam Chomsky but never watched yet.
What a speech control, he masters the art of debate and conference animation.

I invite you to take a Sunday afternoon to watch Manufacturing Consent (Part 1 and Part 2 in English, French sub.) by Noam Chomsky. You'll become more "intelligent" than the Sunday night before. ;)

My point of view after the film :

Professor Chomsky underlines the importance of "bottom up information", I mean information produced by citizen and shared between then. I think he actually must love possibilities offered by internet today and the "power loss" of mass media !

But ! But Pr. Chomsky says propaganda is, to democracy, what violence is to dictatorship.
I don't know if I'm understandable, I'm not English. I mean dictatorship control people with violence; "powerful leading people of democracies" control people with propaganda and media control.

If democracies lost control of information flow, losing their control of medias and controlling less powerful and listened old school medias, would they become more violent? would they use dictatorship tools ?

I think the present times are unique in democratic countries, you can open blog about everything you want, post videos anti government, criticize everything, nothing append to you. Alternative information providers gain everyday more readers. Everybody loose trust in mass media slowly but surely.
How much time will it last?

I think government will fight to limit power of not desirable media and take control (however they can) of "rebel" information producers like they did with historical media before.
But how can they fight against thousands of unpaid, motivated and networked bloggers ?
The Chinese way, tracking and putting in jail bloggers? They can't, it’s anti democratic!
Will they prosecute massively bloggers for terrorism or threat to national security trying to disgust them by blogging?
I don't know but It will certainly be a hard struggle for our liberty that we'll have to contribut to however we can.

Thank you to Noam Chomsky for being so brilliant and to share his enormous knowledge with everybody.

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