The future of web is « no scrolling pages »

Like many people :
- You print every article which contains more than 30 lines
- You destroy your eyes reading exiting things on Internet
- You don't read whole sentences, you jump from words to words trying to understand the principal idea, and become stupid.

What's the 2 problems ?
- The little one I don't want to develop : Your screen is note made for human eyes (the Kindle seems to be a first solution to make screens human eyes friendly)
- The other one. We dont'l like reading vertically moving texts ! Human eyes and human brain is not able to do it.

Take a book, ok, block your head, and try to read pages, moving it vertically in front of your eyes. It's horrible !!! But it's Internet !!!
Perhaps Japanese, who read vertically love the Internet way of reading, but I'm not.

And I ask webdisigners, please, eliminate scrolling, make static text, make pages with no scrollbars.
If you want people in your site for a long time and every day, give them an easy to read blog.
People will read your article, love your site, love our brand and buy your products (ok I'm not sure they'll buy)

Fred Cavazza makes me discover with this post that the NY Times has created an experimental no scrollinh homepage.

I'm glad to see it (ideas to eliminate vertical scrolling) exists and hope it'll develop.

In my mind, no scrolling is a key of a diffrent way of consuming Internet and can influence our way of thinking (which is alterated by internet this article seems to say)

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