Blog reader cycle, can we break it ?

Everyday, thousand posts to read, every day, an enormous amount of information to digest ...
We became like knowledge managers, filtering, archiving, "read it later"ing, stoping reading entire phrases, and only compose stories in our head spotting keywords and key expressions, getting scared of a "more than 1 page post", ignoring comments, too long to read, and without any certainty to find something interesting, for what? for trying to complete "read all the unread messages" daily mission.

And then, we resign, we decide to stop reading not so interesting blogs, it's a difficult decision, because, we voluntarily close "information tap", it's like switch off TV during evening news program.
For a couple of weeks, we feel free, we finish "read all the unread messages" daily mission in only twenty minutes.
But day after day, we discover new blogs, new travel books to follow, new point of view ... and Google reader display again +1000 unread messages every day.

It's blog reader cycle.

How can we break it ?
- Girlfriend ?
- Holiday ?
- 15h/day work ?
- Long sleeping nights ?
- wathing Films/TV ?
We can also attack the problem directly :

Admitting that life is not reading blog, admitting that it's impossible to know everything on everything, admitting it's useless to digest everyday thousand of news.
Even if reading enormous amount of blog make you "aware" of what happen, it make your brain "short term viewer" :
Your brain remember you've read something on it, and permit you to say "yeah I know, I've red something about it". And so what ?
Because you have not read comments, not read the entire article, not try to find other bloggers post on this subject

Having an opinion on everything is easy but the more you know, the fragile your opinion is. So be careful intensive blog readers like me, you've to be as selective as possible. Okay you'll miss something interesting, but don't you think you miss someting more important passing hours to read your feeds ?

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