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Brands who keep things simple, tell a clear story, limit the choice, will be big.

Before the internet, the biggest the mall was, the better is was, the better the shop was, the better it was. When the internet arrived, the same logic was applied. Plethora is beautiful. And with the internet, there were no logistical limits. 
But now that people face the biggest plethora of choice ever, what do they do? They all get iPhones, all use Facebook, all shop on Amazon (letting algorithm and ratings defining what they should by, all check Google to search (the first page), all buy Starbucks coffees, all go to "at least 4 Tripadvisor star restaurants", all use Uber.
People don't like choosing. They don't like the risk and uncertainty of choosing. People like picking among a short range of choice. Brands were wrong when the duplicated the old world model in the web. People don't like choosing.  I bet that in the future this trend will be bigger. We'll all buy from only a couple of brands suggesting us a couple things we like, small shops selecting fo…