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Google Drive for iOS, the reason why I love Google

They did not overmarket it, they did not say they were the best, they just made it.

Made what?

Made the coolest Document Editor on iOS.
It was ugly and limited two years ago. average one year ago.
They improved it step by step, versions after versions to finally provide a magnificent experience.
Mixing the benefits of the Cloud, Apps and fullweb.
Taking good ideas of and Dropbox.

Try it

LinkedIn business model, an example for Facebook?

Big difference between LinkedIn and Facebook is not focus on BtoB or BtoC but their business models.

Facebook focuses on ads and, my take, makes the wrong choice.
They bother their users with irrelevant ads they cannot opt-out and are loosing their cool image.

LinkedIn focuses on services and, my take, make the right choice.
They serve their users the best they can and do not prompt them with irrelevant offers they cannot opt-out.

Good news is that it's not too late. Premium subscription withouts ads, bigger storage,etc., premium services for brands (that are not ads), can be easily deployed by Facebook.

Honda do not sell cars, they sell relationships

Honda headquarters building in Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 1 million kilometers guarantee for a car.
That's what Honda propose.

What does it means?
It means that Honda do not sold a metal box with four wheels (a car...).
It means that Honda sold a relationship based on confidence and respect.

Honda tell to their customers: 
Be sure that your Honda car will work until you decide to sell it, even if it's in 9 years.
Be sure that we'll be next to you if you have problems with it.
Be sure that you'll resell it at a good price.
We respect you, we care of you, we work hard to offer you the best.

This is the best loyalty program, the best customer acquisition program, the best social/word of mouth program.