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Random photo printing specs

Consumer’s problem
We have tons of photos and never print them, never see them. We never think of printing them. Selecting pictures across different places (iPhone, Instagram, Facebook), uploading them, paying is pain => we never do it. We love touching photos. It just releases endorphins.

Automatically print photos shared on Facebook, Instagram, in the Photo directory of smartphones.
Step by step
1- Connect places you post photos on (Instagram, etc.) + your phone.
2 - Select frequency and number ex: 10 photos a month.
3 - Select a couple of options: only faces, no faces, never show my face (need face recognition), ski my ex’s face, skip my family’s face (to keep family photo private), exclude photo with too much skin, exclude explicit content, exclude a geo zone or focus on a geo zone (need geolocation), deduplication deletion, near duplication deletion (photos looking nearly the same are dedupted too as we doo rifles with our photos)
4 - Select post prod options: filters (B&W,…