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Vegatarism raise will erase homelessness war and poverty

Yes, it seems unlinked but it’s definitely linked. 
If you eat animals, you implicitly consider you (as a human) are superior to them. 
If you stop eating animals voluntarily, not because of religion or medical/health reason, you implicitly consider they’re not (or not that) inferior to humans. You respect them more.
Recognizing that you’re not superior to other animals naturally make you realize you’re not superior to other... humans.  Even if they live in Africa, even if they live in the street, even if you have nothing in common. When you realize all humans and all animals are equal, you stop thinking it's ok to let other humans live on the street, receive missiles for vague reasons or being hungry.

If you want to help random humans living far away from you: If you want to help random humans living closely to you: just give them some money If you want to end poverty and war: vote for people who seek this and/or stand up for it, any way.

Poème - Liberté (empoisonnée) Egalité Fraternité

Inspiration lors de mon voyagen en Inde...
Pauvres d’eux tous ces peuples privés de liberté, NOUS, sommes libres de tout, tout faire, tout dire, tout vivre, Notre vie est la notre, restants seuls maitres à bord, Pas de pression sociale, pas de joug parental,  Ainsi nous sommes comblés, et notre vie déborde, De passion, d’émotion, d’aventure et de liesse, A chaque plaisir sa charge, de plaisir et de “kiff”, Et dire que certains hommes, ne choisissent pas leur femme, A leur charge, la survie des ainés vieillissants, Comptant sur leurs enfants, pour les sustenter, Nous n’avons qu’une vie, il faut en profiter, Nous avons balayé, ces contraintes étouffantes, Notre seul but, défi, assouvir nos désirs, Trouver l’ultime métier, le job de nos rêves, La maison idéalé, des vacances magnifiques, Nous changeons facilement, de vie ou de moitié, Concessions évitées, libertée avant tout, Nous pouvons tous choisir, écoutons notre coeur, Nos désirs sont des ordres, nos caprices légitimes, Nous sommes …

Donations made cool - Give Directly, Tipping Point and soon Facebook

2 initiatives that make donations cooler:

GiveDirectly. 30 dollars per month, 1 dollar per day, you guarantee a basic income for a person in Africa.
Isn't it cool?
I personally feel great to support them. If we all do this, we can change the world.

The Tipping Point. I just discovered them today thanks to a post from David Marcus pointing to a Recode article
They present the donation in a nice way. They don't play on guiltiness. They pitch donations like a startup project. Something cool to change the world.

I still believe donations miss a bit of social flavor (blog post about it) to really explode.
If the donation is made as cool as exposing a cool live on Instagram or logging check-ins and runs, the world will get better.
It might come...  Just heard that Facebook will allow you to raise money and execute donations.

Let's limit the size of countries to 35 million to make people happier?

See the World Happiness Report 2017.
Any common point between the top 10.
They have no more than a dozen of millions of citizens...

4M in NZ, 5M in Finland, Switzerland 8M, Australia 23M, Canada 35M, the biggest.
It makes me think something simple.
Small countries make people's life happier.
They are constantly praised in media, I recently saw Elon Musk praising Norway (fr).
Some think the city is where things will change (fr). I agree and disagree at the same time. A lot of cities are at the same time doing great things for the planet and to offer a great way of life but they also gentrifying, kicking poor outside. So what's the point...

I think it's definitely complicated to make a big country happy. The 14th of the ranking seems to make me lie, it's the USA. But his ranking is due to its richness per capita. And we know most of the countries richness goes to the top 1%. Moreover, the USA is not a country it's a group of states working together. Biggers state is …

We all live in dimensions. Having friends in others makes our life richer.

We live a life. We’re all in a dimension. When we spend time with people on a similar dimension, we comfort us on it.  That’s important to do it. Human is a social animal. When responding time with people on different dimensions, we visit these different dimensions.  This is even more important.  It makes life richer. A lot richer. It’s tasting different lives, diving into them.
It’s also challenge our dimension choice. The “what if I would have done things differently” question comes. This question is disagreeable sometimes because we feel it would have been better than choosing our current dimension.

But isn’t it a good sanity check?

We need the Runkeeper, the Swarm of donations

Donations are not something we expose.
We expose where we work, what we eat, where we run, have drinks, get a massage, practice sport, what we buy, what we celebrate. We expose all the cool things we do. We do this because sharing make our activities more exciting. We share because we want to share our joy because we want to make other discover who we are, get inspired.  We sometimes also share to shine, show off 😃
But we don’t expose when we give to associations, foundations, other people.
What is cooler than giving? What’s more inspirational than giving. Nothing.
My company, Adobe, double of the gift I do. I have to log them on a platform and the double it. As a result, this platform logs my donations. What if this platform were public.  People would get inspired, they would know me better, and we’d all give more together inspiring each other and challenging each other. Because giving would have entered into the cool space.
We need the Runkeeper, the Swarm of foundations.

Only law can change people's habits. Plastic cups example

Imagine someone telling you - plastic cups are forbidden in companies. Yep. Coffee machine works only if you put your mug in. Crazy isn't it? It happened in France. Guess what. After a couple of wtf days, nobody really cares and get the habit to use mugs. Imagine if a law has just "encouraged" this change. People would have thought it was far too hard. Only law can change people's habits. I don't believe people - of course except a small percentage - can put constraints on them for civilization's survival. You?